Recruitment of Foreign Nationals candidate

Ancer can help you identify what type of U.K. Company suits you so that we can place you in a position where your skills will add value and therefore you will excel.

If you are living outside the U.K. and would like to work in the Hospitality and Catering sector, Ancer can guide you through the process of acquiring working rights (when required).

We will act on your behalf, making sure you comply with all aspects of immigration law. If you are an E.U. citizen (or from Norway and Iceland) and don’t need a work permit, we can still assist you in matching you to the right vacancy and helping your career develop.

To ensure you understand the process of obtaining a work permit we have provided a download taken from the Global Visas site and recommend that you make yourself familiar with the information provided.

If you would like to download the information provided on work permits, please click here