Opening Recruitment

Ancer Recruitment and our overseas partners have been working together in International Recruitment for the last 8 years and have a wealth of experience in this field. As a partnership, we can now offer a Recruitment Package to assist with the opening of new Catering and Hospitality projects.

We understand that the employment market has changed over the last 10 years and whilst the demand for staff is still growing the availability and supply of skilled workers is decreasing. In the current climate, it is unlikely that employers will be able to fully recruit and fill all the positions required from direct marketing and applications alone.

Overseas Nationals now play a major part in staffing within the industry. Regardless of the size, style and quality of your venture we can supply quality Management, Heads of Departments, Supervisors and Line Staff at a competitive price.

The Benefits and Service We Offer

  • Dedicated consultant for the duration from initial stages to completion of recruitment package.
  • Pre advertising meeting with your designated consultant to agree and establish a Pre-opening recruitment plan and schedule.
  • Planned advertising campaign to secure the highest quality candidates for available vacancies.
  • Pre-screened candidates with required skills and experience.
  • Uniform CV’s with detailed, verifiable work histories.
  • Organised international recruitment trips for face to face interviews and cook offs if requested.
  • Highly Competitive pricing.
  • Candidate replacement guarantees.
  • Follow up meetings.
  • Adherence to a pre-agreed budget.
  • Qualified and experienced workers who are employed with all relevant legal documentation.
  • Professional and reliable service from experienced consultants.

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